About me

After a successful birth in 1973, a Masters in Law in Geneva, Switzerland, a career as business controller in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and a few years dedicated to making children’s wishes come true via the Make-A-Wish foundation I discovered the magic world of analogue collages in 2015.

To me, perspective is everything. I have always found it fascinating how a same fact or event can have a completely different meaning, depending of one's perspective. In the end, reality is so relative and can be so easily influenced that it ends up not existing. I love creating my own reality using  exclusively old books, magazines, glue and time.

Over the last couple years, my collages have been featured in de Grote Amsterdamse Kunstkalender 2016, I have been invited to “Collagistas” the international collage festival, had a solo exhibition in Singapore and started making illustrations and commissioned work. Since June 2017 I have been a contributor to @thecollageclub on Instagram.

I live and work in the Netherlands, together with my husband and 3 children.